Tim 'mithro' Ansell - mithro

GitHub Profile https://github.com/mithro
GitHub Activities https://github.com/mithro?tab=activity
Blog http://blog.mithis.net/
Location Sydney, Australia
The “Tim” in Tim Videos. Founder and Leader of the Tim Video’s project.

Ryan Verner - xfxf

GitHub Profile https://github.com/xfxf
GitHub Activities https://github.com/xfxf?tab=activity
Location Australia
Runs NextDayVideo Australia, records a number of FOSS conferences around Australia including PyCon AU and sometimes Linux.conf.au

Carl Karsten - CarlFK

GitHub Profile https://github.com/CarlFK
GitHub Activities https://github.com/CarlFK?tab=activity
Location Chicago
Runs NextDayVideo America, records a number of FOSS conferences around America including PyCon US.

Ajit Mathew - ajitmathew

GitHub Profile https://github.com/ajitmathew
GitHub Activities https://github.com/ajitmathew?tab=activity
GSoC 2014 student who contributed to the HDMI2USB project.

Florent Kermarrec - enjoy-digital

GitHub Profile https://github.com/enjoy-digital
GitHub Activities https://github.com/enjoy-digital?tab=activity
Blog http://www.enjoy-digital.fr
Location France
Developer of the current MiSoC based HDMI2USB firmware.

Jahanzeb Ahmad - jahanzeb

GitHub Profile https://github.com/jahanzeb
GitHub Activities https://github.com/jahanzeb?tab=activity
Blog www.jahanzeb.info
Location Bristol UK
Developer of the original "Jahanzeb" HDMI2USB firmware.

Numato Lab - numato

GitHub Profile https://github.com/numato
GitHub Activities https://github.com/numato?tab=activity
Blog http://numato.com
Manufacturer of the Numato Opsis board for the HDMI2USB project.

- rohit91

GitHub Profile https://github.com/rohit91
GitHub Activities https://github.com/rohit91?tab=activity
Creator of the vmodvga board for the HDMI2USB project.

Joel Stanley - shenki

GitHub Profile https://github.com/shenki
GitHub Activities https://github.com/shenki?tab=activity
Blog https://jms.id.au
Location Australia
Linux Kernel hacker and HDMI2USB contributor.

Amanpreet Singh - ApsOps

GitHub Profile https://github.com/ApsOps
GitHub Activities https://github.com/ApsOps?tab=activity
Blog http://apsops.github.io
Location Mumbai, India
GSoC 2014 student who did the port of Flumotion to Gstreamer 1.0.

Aayush Ahuja - hyades

GitHub Profile https://github.com/hyades
GitHub Activities https://github.com/hyades?tab=activity
Blog https://hyades.github.com
Location Bangalore
GSoC 2013 student who added a gst-switch Python API and test suite.

David Nugent - deeprave

GitHub Profile https://github.com/deeprave
GitHub Activities https://github.com/deeprave?tab=activity
Location Melbourne, Australia
Contributor to gst-switch and HDMI2USB project.

Peter - MaZderMind

GitHub Profile https://github.com/MaZderMind
GitHub Activities https://github.com/MaZderMind?tab=activity
Blog https://mazdermind.de
Location Mainz, Germany
Developer of voctomix, the gst-switch replacement.

Michael Farrell - micolous

GitHub Profile https://github.com/micolous
GitHub Activities https://github.com/micolous?tab=activity
Blog http://micolous.id.au/
Location 33 S, 151 E
Developer contributing to everything from the streaming system to the HDMI2USB project.

Maciej Paruszewski - pinoss

GitHub Profile https://github.com/pinoss
GitHub Activities https://github.com/pinoss?tab=activity
Location Wrocław, Poland
GSoC 2014 student who did the website improvements.

Kenny Duffus - sealne

GitHub Profile https://github.com/sealne
GitHub Activities https://github.com/sealne?tab=activity
Location Scotland
Contributor to the VGA expansion board for the HDMI2USB project.

Mohammed Alhadab - sewar

GitHub Profile https://github.com/sewar
GitHub Activities https://github.com/sewar?tab=activity
GSoC 2013 student who created https://edid.tv

Stefano Rivera - stefanor

GitHub Profile https://github.com/stefanor
GitHub Activities https://github.com/stefanor?tab=activity
Blog http://tumbleweed.org.za/
Location Cape Town, South Africa
Debian packager extraordinaire and part of DebConf Video team.

Leon Wright - techman83

GitHub Profile https://github.com/techman83
GitHub Activities https://github.com/techman83?tab=activity
Blog http://techman83.me
Location Perth, Australia
Lead developer of eventstreamr tool.

Jan Schmidt - thaytan

GitHub Profile https://github.com/thaytan
GitHub Activities https://github.com/thaytan?tab=activity
Location Australia
Resident gstreamer expert.